VashDStampede's Iron Man Reveal Faceplate Recast ?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by wrcromu, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. wrcromu

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    Hi there,

    I was patrolling the Evil Bay for props when i found this :

    1:1 Iron Man MKII Faceplate prototye Painted Model !! Eyes light up ! | eBay

    I could mistaken but i have one of these awesome kits ( i'm currently building it ) and it seems to be very very very similar to the one i have in hands... Minors changes spotted but for me it seems to be a recast of the awesome job of VashDStampede... :angry

    If i'm mistaken i apologize to the seller but in this case could anybody light me ? :confused

    P.S : Mods, if this thread is in the bad section, feel free to remove it and let me know in which section it must be.
  2. Talisen

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    It's not a direct recast, but it's possible the person used Vash's pic as ref

    the one item I can see for sure are the 2 gears in the lower cheek area - vash's inner groove is the same as this one, where as the original prop, that groove is closer to the outer diameter.

    But the nose piece appears different, and the mouth vent has a different hole arrangement.
  3. Jedifyfe

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    I am going to say it's a recast with some altered pieces (maybe due to poor casting)

    It also looks like he photoshopped the pics, making them slimmer and longer.
  4. wrcromu

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    That's what i think too...
  5. VashDstampede

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    I agree, that they must have had one of my kits and either reworked some casts or used my pieces as templates to make their own. There are so many details I made up for this kit that I see on "their" faceplate, especially the gold details which I used artistic license to make.
    I really hate when this stuff happens :(
  6. wrcromu

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    I'm really sorry for you mate. As i said, i got one of your kits (from a RPF member) and it's really an awesome kit !!! Full of details, really good cast,...
    I was checking Ebay for stuff in order to complete the kit (EL Tape and wires) when i found this recast, so i decided to warn people...

    It's a shame that they sell recast of your job, especially for this price... :unsure
  7. RacerMachX

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    Sorry to hear about your work being recast-ed.
    Any thoughts on who it might be?

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