Various OT lightsaber parts (T-track price drop)


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Hhhmmm. A sale, 'eh? 30% off, 'eh? $14 a shirt, 'eh? Easy on the nipples, 'eh?

I think I might have to jump on that deal. I have the v3 blueprint t-shirt. Perfect fit, very comfortable, great deal at full price. But 30% off?! Time to get me another shirt!


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Top job buddy!
Great to see you enjoying it so much. I have an Anakin v2 from an earlier run that needs some love and your vids will be perfect.


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Hey gang, I just wanted to let everyone know Roy’s T-shirt’s are 30% off today! That’s 14 bucks a shirt!! These are a steal at this price

The shirt is also very comfortable. After my brother wore mine one day by mistake (well that’s his excuse) he actually now uses the same company roy does for his business T-shirt’s because of the comfort.

And I will testify, these shirts are very comfortable on the nipples :rolleyes:

(Roy left, my brother right)
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Don’t miss out on this wicked deal!

Thanks again roy!!
Thanks for this Danny!
The sales is still running for a day.
Maybe it's about time to add a new T-shirt!
I was just about to sell this saber (Roman gen2 w/Wannawanga/skywampa parts) now that Ive got a vintage TFA/TLJ hilt, but since Roman revealed he provided his Graflexes to the film its definitely destined for another conversion :)


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Yes, of COURSE he is!!

No but really, I asked him just the other day. He says it's gonna be a little bit. I'm sure he'll come in at some point with an ETA.


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Still planning on producing a two-rivet ANH d-ring clip, Roy?
It's in the making!
First I have a few samples made in both aluminum and zinc plated steel. I will then choose the most accurate version.
It's weird: if the Elstree D-ring clip is in aluminum you would expect that it would have bent & warped more. If it's in galvanized steel you would expect it to have oxidized in the torn edges. So my guess is still aluminum.