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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Underdog, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Underdog

    Underdog Sr Member

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    How can a site that has a real directive against recasting have a thread about kit scans? I'm sorry, but this is one of the points where I get lost. I will not scan a part and recreate it, nor will I recast anyones work... Having said that, I will use anything I find that I know is correct for reference material. If I rip a model from a video game and use the templates that I create from the gaming model and build a physical model of the thing, am I breaching some form of copyright?
  2. Scott Graham

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    Derp derp! I didn't read it carefully the first time, therefore this edit...
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  3. Ghadrack

    Ghadrack Sr Member

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    I think Scott addressed the first part of your post above.

    This part.... :facepalm

    Lots of questions lately about copyright law. Seriously, if you reproduce any copyrighted thing, without obtaining proper permission to do so, you may be subjecting yourself to risk. That risk is usually (Read that word) directly proportional to the amount of money that you make in distributing said thing.

    So if you make a one off for youself, USUALLY no problem. Maybe not really legal but not an issue.

    You make 7 of said item and sell them for the basically cost of parts to a few really dedicated fans, again usually not a big deal. and you may get a nod from the creator (not the copyright owner) for being a cool fan.

    You decide to mass market said product and hope to make a mint, get ready for lawyer time.

    That generally is going to apply reproductions of props, out of print model parts, 3d representations of models created for a studio released game/movie, whatever.

    If you don'd have the rights to reproduce it, and it is copyrighted, you don't have the rights to reproduce it. End of discussion.
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  4. imaginager

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    If you're referring to this thread... don't understand what a "kit scan" is. When I hear "kit scan" I immediately think of someone laying out sprues from a vintage kit on their scanner bed and creating images, usually front and back. The images are used by studio scale model builders to perform research, trying to match up actual kit parts to filming models.

    If you're referring to digitally scanning a physical model (like some licensees have done with varying degrees of success in replicating studio scale models), well, even with the "digital copy" you have A LOT of work to do before you have anything approaching accurate to a filming model.

    Creating your own templates based on your own research (or, someone else who has shared) is generally fine, even if you garage kit the model. It's based on your work (or should be) to take a digital or 2D model and make it physical. There may be a violation of IP, but in this niche hobby, with the (lack of) volume in kits and/or sales, it's usually a matter of the studio turning a blind eye. But, technically, it's still a violation.
  5. Nwerke

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    He can't mean that thread, surely...?

    It's a thread of kit scans. As in putting the sprues on a scanner to make a picture of them, for research, as you say.

    But you'd see that the instant you opened the thread...
  6. jedimaster

    jedimaster Sr Member

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    He's having trouble reading today.
  7. Scott Graham

    Scott Graham Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Allan's response was kind of what I went back in and wiped out. Didn't realize what the original post meant. It seemed, when I read it later, that he was probably talking about what Ghadrack answered. I'm still thinking it's a bit of mixed up thinking going on - not just mine. :)
  8. ozzyguanche

    ozzyguanche Sr Member

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    Nope, there is a purpose in the post. Do a google search for Kirktreckmodeler, Underdog, cjtk1701ent,tkm, mtk CmpstCreations, Capt. James B, Mysterious Stranger, Captain Quirk CJTK1701. They are all Joseph. (Joe). Often multiple loggins on each forum.

    I myself have argued that what happens outside this forum should stay outside the forum, and not be dragged here, and I am a hypocrite for posting the above. But after researching what I have, I believe its just repetitive behaviour to be played out here.

    I have said my piece directly in one of his threads already, and said I would not respond to him again, and I will not. But I will direct others to his rude erratic posts. Not the least his last post in astroboys 1/72 y-wing thread. (many others over the last few months)

    This may loose me a few friends, but I like this forum and the people.

    Unfortunate as there is great talent there.


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  9. Watson

    Watson Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Only when you try to sell it.
  10. Scott Graham

    Scott Graham Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Ah, thanks ozzy. So it's just trollish behavior. That's actually kind of how I interpreted it at fist glance (because it made little sense), but wanted to believe it was sincere. Sounds good. Intentionally stirring things up. Actually it sounds like the kinds of things you hear recasters have stated as a reason for recasting.

    Maybe the thread should just be shut down since it serves little purpose.
  11. DaddyfromNaboo

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    Yes, this thread has no actual function, so it can be locked ;)

    Especially since this topic has been discussed to lengths in the past.

    RPF staff
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