Van Helsing Crossbow,......yet again.

Tol Skorr

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Not the greatest movie, but worth watching for Kate in thigh high boots and cool props. ANYWAY,....
pics of the crossbow. Need as many as I can possibly get as I finally plan on starting to put one together. But if someone knows of someone who has a way of getting a stunt cast or something similar (of any VH props for that matter), well I'd be up for that too.


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Kate B. Always good to see., But my biggest issue with VH was, well, was it a spoof, or send-up parody, or a poorly done 'serious' spin on the classic monsters? When it started, I thought it was a spoof. The B&W sequence looked like a Young Fraknenstein scene. WTF? I really like the guy they got to play Dracula. The CGI was not all that believeable, way too much flying around. I did not like the look of the Frankenstein monster, but I liked his 'humanity'. Why they felt they have to redesign the monsters was beyond me. I wanted to see the Boris Karloff, monster, and a Lon Cheney Jr. version of the wolf-man. Not some CGI fake-remake. Oh, well, I digress.

AS for the props, the cross bow was cool, but I'm not sure how it's suppose to work? compressed air? And those cylinders of bolts, how many are they suppose to hold? 100? If its air powered, how does the recoil mechanism work? It would be a hoot to make a working version of that for sure.

here is a shot of the top.