Vampire Tux medal?


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Always struggle for Dad b-day gifts. My father gets stuck going to a lot of fund raisers and awards banquets where he has to wear a tux. One time he wore his marathon medal instead of a bow tie and had a great time with it.

Does anyone know why Dracula wears one? Pic below? I would like to have on made or make one that has some funny meaning but looks very formal.

What is the protocol for wearing one? Part of a uniform?


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I think it has something to do with why he's called "Count". But maybe at one time before he was a vampire he was in some kind of war.


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Does anyone know how to cut the ribbon so it lays flat around the neck?

Start with two pieces of ribbon and cut the ends to 45 degrees then sew the cut pieces together so that the cuts you made make a 90 degree "picture frame" corner.

After ironing the joins this should allow it to lay flat around the neck, however there might be a slight pook on the back sewn edge but hopefully this won't be noticed or too uncomfortable to wear.

Just an idea, but it might give you a place to start. :)


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Thanks, big help.

Here are the prototypes. Irish Catholic Dentist, the full set.

I molded these in clay and baked them.