value of a slightly altered Sideshow?


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I would put up an interest thread in the Junkyard but I haven't been a member long enough - still I'd like to know from the people who know...

I have a Sideshow Hellboy Right Hand of Doom sitting on my costuming display shelf; it's about the only thing there I didn't make myself, so it's not of the utmost sentimental value.

note: Saw two of these in Completed Auctions on eBay, with wildly different sale prices.

Here's why I'm asking: I thought it was a little too dark in color, so I drybrushed a brighter red paint over it. It's a subtle effect, but makes the details just a bit more noticeable and overall I think looks better.

How much does that alter the value if I wanted to sell it? With all of the buying and improving of commercial pieces I see happening around here, I figured you guys would know. (I also don't think I have the box.)
I would ask the going rate or what ever you are trying to get out of it, post pictures, be up front about what you did and see what happens. If others agree it's an improvment you should be able to sell it. If not you will get no replys and then you can either lower the price or keep it. It really depends on how it looks.
PrimoOptimoso, I have dealt with a little of this stuff myself and have found two different roads to this. I came across a guy that worked in China on Sideshow stuff. He stated numerous pieces are always made extra either for dry runs OR they make a few to have around or just for themselves. Example, the predator wolf mask had a large dry run, you can find them on ebay and some other sites, from what I found out there was a large number made for display. They were made at the factory for SS, they are the exact piece without a number. The second thing he told me is that numerous times these molds are taken over there and people will duplicate them, an example of one of the big ones was spidy vs hulk with the street light fixture. The weight was around the same but the paint was off, same molds just done a little different. As in someone buying a replica really depends on the collector. Clearly from what I have seen the value is anywhere up to half of what a numbered one would go for. Hope that helps. Also the first iron man where his fist is touching the ground is another big duplicated one. The average price on that is a grand, but the knock offs around 3-4 hundred.
Well, this one is the real deal with the base and all, not a knockoff. I bought it new in box myself and altered the paint myself. I dont know if these were numbered but i dont see a number... If I decide to sell, we shall see I guess.
Ya sounds good. I just looked at mine and no number. Also from what I have seen all the knock offs or even the dry runs won't have a number.
Yeah, actual photos of the altered prop are a must. I think most people frown on tweaking a replica or statue with an edition number UNLESS the modification makes the piece better than it was originally (One example that comes to mind is the SS Stealth Iron Man statue with lights painted to match the standard IM colors).
I will use actual photos for sure. I would have probably hesitated in painting it if it were a numbered edition, but then again I never thought I would sell it either. I do think that it made it better looking, though, and just subtly so.
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As has been said, take pics, name your price, and put it in the JY when you can.

Supply and demand should take care of the rest to guide you further.

If all fails, put it on eBay. Price vs supply and demand have no meaning there :lol
I am going to pop it on eBay since I wont be able to do junkyard for a couple weeks yet. I will set the buy it now price high just in case I get lucky, but if you see it definitely know that is NOT my bottom line and an intrepid RPFer would be able to grab it for less.

Thanks for all the advice. Not out to rip anyone off, just need some cash.
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