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    This may seem like a strange question to start with, but bear with me...

    Is it possible to produce Gold leather? That is, leather with a metalic gold

    And no... I'm not planning a gold vader - I'll leave that to Rubies.

    thanks in advance

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    What's it for? I happen to have some gold leather in my stockpile...

    It's not all that uncommon to get mettalic finished leathers. They're really popular for doing Rodeo queen outfits. I have seen just about every color done metallic.
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    What Beorn said. Try this link:

    They carry lots of odd lots and this is the kind of item they would have. Their stock changes weekly, so it would be best to email them directly to ask if they have any in stock.

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    This is what all this Gold leather business is about...

    Now, I don't know much about the 1980 'Flash Gordon' movie apart from the fact that
    Ornella Mutti should have been mine, all mine. (with the red spandex suit F.Y.I.),
    however, I do know it was made in a couple of UK studios, between 78-79 and a bunch
    of people who worked on and supplied 'The Star Wars', also did the same on 'Flash Gordon'.

    So, I was watching the movie over Christmas and one particular costume caught my eye as it were. There are these guards of MIng (I think they're Ming's guards, like I said, I'm too busy watching Ornella Mutti to follow the goddam 'plot') and they are wearing a ribbed gold body suit that seems to have a pattern / design almost Identical
    to Mr Vader's. Also, The suit seems a bit large / oversized on some of the guys wearing it - almost as if it's 'prowse dimensions'.

    Sounds strange I know, But i've attached the only screen greabs I could find online -
    if anyone has the DVD and could grab some hirez ones - maybe we could have some
    proper investitagive banter.

    what do you guys think / know?

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    I think I'd be reluctant to try to make that out of leather.
    I'd go with vinyl. Cheaper and easier, and more likely what they're really made of.
  7. WookieeGunner

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    Given the floppiness of the outfit on the guy in the corridor, are you sure it's not quilted fabric?
  8. marcvs66

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    Even fast and cheaper though to just pull an existing black leather suit out of storage and paint it gold... and those suits really do look over-sized on the guys... if they were freshly made for the movie, wouldn't they have sized them to fit the actors properly. I think, there might be something to this discovery...
  9. HAL9000

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    anyone else?
  10. Ghost Host

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    Yes, I don't think HAL's trying to replicate the Flash Gordon suits but trying to figure if it's reasonable to assume that black leather could be made to look like these costumes in FG. If so, quite possibly these suits in Flash Gordon might be leftover or reject Vader ANH suits. Very very interesting observation, HAL. :thumbsup
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    Well I think it was hmade at Shepperton Studios (at least partly) and some of the crew may well have worked on SW and Alien.

    It might be worth you phoning up AA as they did some of the costume, set and prop work for Dino De Laurentiis' for the film when they were based in offices within Shepperton Studios itself. I think DDL bought most of the production crew over from Italy but from what Ive head they nicked ideas from everywhere.


  12. HAL9000

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    Thanks guys....
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