Limited Run Vader stunt sabers kits! Barbican, Severed hand and ANH square shroud version

I'm interested in two square shorud kits. Maybe the other variants as well later, especially if black bars clamps become available as part of the kits or from elsewhere
thank you for your interest :)
I'm trying to reach Roman to discuss his clamps,
if that fails, I can at least provide accurate side bars, I have already made sure of this :)
TCSS on the right, my upgrade on the left:



the clamp issue is definitely something to work out, but we will figure something out!


Square Shroud, because I'm very impressed with the photos you've posted of this version.
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I've just spoken to eethan and will be glad to supply the clamps for this project. (y)

Still working out some details. :)
thank you so much Roman! that is awesome and it's a big relief for everyone on that run and for me! thank you :)

I hope this helps guys, let's keep the interest coming :) I'm working on finishing the 3 first kits to take some photos :)
here is the paper template for an accurate dirty placement and size of the grips for the Barbican, as well as the position of the 3 tiny holes under the mising grip if you want to add those. It also allows to position the clamp at the right distance. This will be included in the Barbican kits.
I hope this helps :)
heads up though, the grips are really messy on that saber! real close together on one side and quite missaligned as all the rest of the parts on that saber!



Alright guys, sorry, no real need to post for clamp interest if you are not in Europe as Roman will offer those directly on his website and the run was already ordered :)
If you are in Europe though and will buy a kit from me, I can arrange for a group buy to save on shipping so let me know.
Three clamps to Europe, please.
Alright then, thank you, didn't know you were in Europe.

I need to reply to Roman on this and explain a bit here how it would work, I have been swamped today, it's 10pm here and I'm still in the workshop trying to finish assembling the sabers as the square shroud prototype goes to a friend tomorrow!
but, quickly, for European customers that want a clamp, shipping from the US directly will be very expensive, so I can arrange for a group buy, I'll not put the clamps on my website, just sell them through PayPal to keep the cost as low as possible for you guys. The only markup will be the shared shipping, possible customs taxes I'll pay and PayPal fee, so it'll be a bit more than the direct dollar/euro convention from Roman's website, however, you'll still definitely save on shipping, that's the best we can do :)

For US customers, Roman has assured me that shipping cost would be quite low for a simple clamp :)

11PM, time to call it a night! should be ready for tomorrow with the square shroud!
My wife is going to hate me with this project as she helped with the paint up until now as well.
so, like I mentioned before I wanted to try painting the body of the Severed hand version silver, and I kind of love it! I painted with tamiya TS30 the whole body, back plug, thumbscrew and countersunk screw, then weathered it a bit like we see on the cast today. I looks really cool and it's a cool nod to the painted graflex stunt as well :)




cheers all!

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