Vader ROTJ Saber


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Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could hook me up with a lead as Im having very little luck.

I am looking to find a ROTJ Vader lightsaber, but its pretty difficult.

The saber hook and saber are the last two parts I need to get my new vader approved and Im currently cant find a lightsaber.

Even a resin non functional would work....



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If this is for 501st approval, a (much easier to obtain) ESB saber will work just fine.


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Thank you guys, I was under the impression that the ROTJ was specific maybe they meant the stunt model.

And yes this is for 501st, Im currently approved with a TK and a clone, vader is next.

Thank you both for th input.


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The saber nicknamed "ROTJ" is that ugly graflex-frankenstein that has a piece of rod sticking out the emitter. it was obviously some sort of fencing stunt at one point...but it's never seen on screen.


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Ugly?! My favorite that is!
:lol sorry sméagol
....yoda, dammit, yoda what am I doing?!

not sure how up-to-date the 501st is on lightsabers. It was noted recently that the "ESB" Vader was used again as a belt hanger in ROTJ. However all the ROTJ toys and other pop culture generally take this stunt as "the ROTJ" still.


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Well thd9791 ... maybe recently for you ... but the info has been around since 2008 . . . ... as for the stunt saber it did appear on screen in certain fight scenes when Darth Vader throws his saber at Luke however with the red beam coming out the bottom of the graflex :wacko

As for the toys ... well I got many a Luke ESB figure with a DV lightsaber ... so I would not bet my knowledge of the props from Hasbro or Kenner ;)

@ Jim13csulb ... did you find a DV ESB hilt already? When researching Darth Vader's costume I found sound advice to only wear a hilt on your belt and not walk with a red bladed saber with lights and sound fx otherwise kids with plastic lightsabers may come at you and start bashing your precious and often expensive helmet and costume for all they see is the evil guy ;) There's a Hasbro ANH with removable blade for sale though not cheap ... but since you're going for ROTJ it would take some minor alterations which I'm not sure you are willing to make on a piece over $150 :wacko

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