Vader ROTJ Cutaway started!


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Hey everyone,

Well, Howards "cutaway insanity" has spread it seems, so I'm taking it up a notch from my Luke ESB and going for a Vader ROTJ cutaway in all (well mostly) metal, hopefully with lights. (Though it has to be said that I'm still a few notches away from Howard's skill.)

Anyway, my current plan is to build a couple of these, using different interior parts (I'll probably be selling one and keeping the other). I'm in the research/gathering parts phase right now and I need YOUR OPINIONS on something.

Which side/direction should I build it in? See below:

Here are a couple of ways for the saber to be displayed. F1 is the way a Graflex is often displayed, but the Vader ROTJ has it's control box on the other side, which should (in my opinion) make F2 (and F3) the "proper" way to display that saber. I'm definately leaning towards F2. What say you?

Also, in the visual dictionary the Luke saber cutaway faces LEFT like in the photo's correct? That makes me kinda want to build mine in that direction too, but for some reason I've got all my sabers displayed facing RIGHT, probably because the details on the sides of the control boxes are on that side.

Help me out with any thoughts and opinions. I'll be updating the thread as I go along. :)

/Joe F


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or what if you did both? :eek

to where you could ha ve one facing left, one facing right, with simmilar guts...

i always thought these cutaways were cool, but i always wonder, what would be on the other side?

and if you could make them click together... that would rule.

Darth Lars

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You don't have to do a straight cut. You could cut windows in the tube at different places where it exposes some interesting part. Maybe even cut right through some inner part where it could look interesting. Then you could concentrate more on those parts of the saber that you think could be fun to design the innards for, and maybe leave parts where the exterior is nicer.

Yet another option would be an "exploded view" where the different parts are laid out, each orthogonal to where they would be in the assembled lightsaber. This would be much harder, though, and is more risky design-wise.

Now, with this post and the junk I'll be mailing you tomorrow, I think I will be influencing you enough.. ;)