Vader reveal helmet PMT dynode louvers

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Hi all,

For my recent Endor bunker bomb kit I purchased many vintage EMI Thorn photomultiplier tubes.
I harvested all the louver parts (dynodes these are called) and used the ones I needed for the bombs.
I have many odd ones left. I found out by now that there are many variants! Not only left & right versions!
As I understood, these louvers have also been used in DV reveal helmet. And perhaps they were used in other props or costumes as well.

So, I offer them for sale in my webshop for $15 per piece (plus shipping).
Photomultiplier dynode – WannaWanga

Grab them while you can!
Let me know if you have a preferred version.

They are ALL in great condition. All very shiny, chromed metal parts.
I have many of them, not only the ones in the picture! Some more than others.

  • Type A: has copper louvers. SOLD OUT
  • Type B: is almost identical to the correct Bunker Bomb part but geometrically mirrored. Many left.
  • Type C: SOLD OUT
  • Type D: with square backplate. 5 left
  • Type E: with square backplate. 5 left
  • Type F: as E but with two closed holes. 1 left
  • Type G: as D but with oval slots. 5 left
  • Type H: as G but mirror image. 3 left
  • Type I: as H but with two closed holes. 1 left
  • Type J: (not pictured) as G, but with different outer shape. 2 left


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