Vader On Ice Part 2..


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Just got these from the Indiana Ice hockey team from when my Garrison was there in November for Star Wars night..

Enjoy & Happy 2006.. :cheers




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sweetness, where you a stormtrooper or darth? and if you were a storm trooper, which one where you?

and on the ice, is that computer lightsaber effets or the accual force fx? cuz it looks good

o man does that make me want a stormtrooper suit, o gawd do i want one....but some of those i dont like, where the thigh plates or w/e connect with the waist, some have a little, box, i dont like that. but w/e i want to be a stormtrooper. but i am a 12 year old and that would be tuff to get a suit to fit me, and i dont have 500 bux to spend on a blaster...

and some of those helmets look bad, there is one looking right at the camera, and its mouth looks to small for my taste, and that sand trooper, the eyes are really small, and some guys have way to much black clothes showing


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Thanks for the comments.. BTW I am Vader.. As far as the troopers go I don't have one myself so I'm no help there..

Concerning the pic of me on the ice it is not doctored. (AFAIK) They just turned the lights down real low in the rink for our introduction and the players afterward. I suppose it was just the flash that made the effect.



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Rock on.

Our local garrison trooped a Huntsville Havoc (formerly Huntsville Channel Cats) hockey game in December 2004 as a combination PR event for us and as a fundraiser for a local children's home for foster kids.

An incomplete group shot showing Vader, troopers, the Emperor, and the Havoc's mascot, "Chaos".


We had one of our guys (who is also an up-and-coming music star) get out on the ice and play the National Anthem on his electric violin while wearing his RL Clone Wars Obi-Wan costume (it would have been nearly impossible while wearing his Tusken Raider costume).


And a pic of Vader DROPPING THE PUCK... :D The yellow arrows are pointing to our troopers who wanted to get out on the ice, but due to league time limits would not have been able to get out there and back off the ice in time. :unsure


It was still fun.

BTW, our garrison has our own hockey jerseys (I designed 'em and had a Russian hockey jersey manufacturer make them for us). B)


Congrats. I know you guys had a blast. :D
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