Vader cape pattern?


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Good morning everyone from Alabama. I had a thought that this crossed my mind and I haven't visited you guys in a while. But I was wondering is there a pattern for the Darth Vader cape? I noticed that there is a seam line in one picture that I had seen . It could have been a replica or an original. Not sure what movie TV show or what. But there was definitely a seam around the shoulder. So that's what got me wondering.

I thought about making one as I see.

Thanks guys in advance,


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I believe it is just a semi circle made up of 4 equal sized panels.

Though... it may depend on the version.
I believe ROTS is a semi-circle. OT is 3/4 circle.

Not sure how panels. On the SLD 501st forum there is a pattern someone mocked up.

The seems on the shoulder might be the seam between the outer wool and inner satin lining.

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