Vader body type

Michael A Myers

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Ive been thinking about doing a Vader suit ever since I heard I'm the same height of Hayden Christenson, but I'm not sure my shoulders are wide enough. how wide would my shoulders need to be accurate to the obi wan show, or does it not matter because of the shoulder armor?


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For various performers bits of foam padding is used under the armor and sometimes a form of muscle suit is used to fill it out. Back for the EP3 stuff we did the performer wore an upper filler muscle top and generic flaps of upholstery foam padding. Basically whatever works really.


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I have the build needed for a Vader, but not the height as I’m 5’10”. It’s literally one of the few cosplays that I would like to do, but I don’t think I can pull it off, whereas someone taller, but leaner would easily be able to make adjustments to fill out their build.

Alas, I think I need to stay in the range of a Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jedi, or smuggler.


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DarthWill used to use drywall stilts to make him proper height. Performers for the series use lifts as insoles and/or basic soles on the boot itself. You can easily get three inches of a boot sole and another two with an insole. If you're worried about a fat boot sole and want custom footwear made look at how some of the A list Hollywood actors footwear. You'll notice one actor in particular gains up to five inches on footwear that are inner and outer lifts yet the shoes appear near normal. Amazing what all the money in the world can do for height.

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