Vacuum Formers, I need a little advice

Prince NEO

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Hey, so my father decided as a graduation present he would help me make a Vacuum Forming table like this:

Ralis Kahn's Vacuum Form Table Plans

The only problem is we can't afford the same Vacuum this guy used.

Does anyone know if a Allaround WET & DRY 7.0 AMPS, 120v, 60hz Shop-Vac is powerful enough to use or if I have to blow $120, in which case I might as well not bother. I think the horsepower is like 1.1

Gordon Gekko

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I have a Thurston James version vac table and I've been using a similar 3hp shop-vac with great results. Pulling 1/8" thick 24"x24" abs with no problems. Just make sure you get a good seal around the edges. It should get you off to a good start and you can upgrade later.

Though I'm sure someone will post that you absolutely need a 2stage vac to even try.:lol


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What you need depends on what you want to do.

I made a version of those plans you are using, and the shop vac I use is 5 hp. I usually pull only a couple of inches in depth, over only about an 8x10 inch area, using abs sheet under 1/16", and I wouldn't want less than 5 hp.

The biggest problem with that design is that the plastic does not get heated evenly, and gets heated only in a relatively small area. But it's okay for me, because I only need to make small pieces.

If that's the design you're going to use, I recommend nothing less than 3 hp - get as much pull for your buck as you can, because the heating isn't very efficient.

Have fun and good luck with your project.


Prince NEO

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Thanks, I wanted to be able to make pulls of the halo armor I make and stuff like that, so I would guess that the vacuum I have isn't strong enough and that I probably couldn't use that heater.

The things I would want to pull would be at least an inch thick and at the largest 2ft x 2ft and 10 inches thick.
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