Vac form proton pack project


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Well I have had this project kicking around for a few years now and I want to get it finished. I have several friends who have fiberglass proton packs that are wonderful pieces, but so heavy, and expensive. I want a lightweight pack that still retains a high level of detail, and when I could find none I decided ( with the help of some great friends) to put my own bucks together. I realize that a vac formed shell will never have the crisp edges and details that you get from a molded shell, but I feel like people haven't really pushed the boundary of what you can get from vacuforming. The main problem that I see with many of the vac packs out there is they are only 2 pieces. My pack will have at least 6 pieces. I am hoping by doing it in smaller chunks that I can retain more detail. I also have my bucks segmented even further to aid in demolding. Here are some shots of the bucks and I hope to have some pics up of my first vac attempts soon. Sorry for the cell pics, best i can do right now.


You could have crisp edges if you build a vacuum buck in reverse. You are now vacuum OVER the buck,thus stretching the plastic over and making smoother lines but if you build the buck in reverse so that you vacuum INSIDE the buck you will get much crisper lines.
A little more trouble in building but it is worth it in the end.
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