V Visitor Belt Pouch - Need help identifying it (Old TV Series)


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Well, doing this costume with a bunch of pals here and wanted to identify this pouch. Some visitors like Steven or Willy use a plain one like this:



But, Diana and other visitors used this one:



Any ideas will be welcome. I know a good replacement could be a camera soft carry pouch case, or a multimeter carry case, but I would love to identify this one. What do you think guys?
The last picture looks just like it! I wonder if I still have it. I'll check, if I do I will take a picture... *crosses fingers*
Here started my quest in another forum: Belt Pouches | Accessories | Forum | Visitor Alliance

And some guys pointed my in the Hanimex camera carry case. IC3000 model was mentioned. So I bought one even older than that one. in the middle of the search, a member mentioned a Tasco binocular. So, I try to get one of them and bought a Chinese version here in Argentina. To be short:

I received my Hanimex camera carry case and got shocked. It is huge. I am exaggerating, but It is quite off size. Back in my post #38 I told you that my rough estimation was 12cmx8cmx4cm. Well, I was right. Took some new estimations last night. And what a surprise when my estimation using 4 different photos were all near that. Here you have the photos I used to estimate those measurements:





I rotated all of them when necessary. Here the results:

332px 30.04mm
1312px 111.87mm
372px 33.65mm
474px 50.8mm
1245px 133.4mm
375px 40.1mm
264px 50.8mm
654px 125.8mm
410px 78.8mm
672px 50.8mm
452px 34.1mm
1488px 112.4mm

So, basically, the average measurement should be 5 " tall, 3" width, and 1.5" deep. Take a look at these comparison photos:


Bigger one is the Hanimex camera carry case. Small one at the right is the 10x25 binocular case, which matches exactly with the measurements I took. My verdict is that they used for the show a pouch like the binocular one. You can do yours estimation and compare them here with me. Have in mind I used the belt width to estimate most of them, which is 50.8mm or 2". Now, I am going to be lurking the web for vintage 10x25 binoculars and their cases. My two cents.
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