V for Vendetta wire Tap Scrambler, Found Item (?)-- Take 2

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Ok, So acouple days ago I was at one of the Local Wal-Marts and I found this Clip on booklight. Now I know that this topic has been talked about before and that there were/are some talented board members that did made the Scramble from the long clip on booklight but this one looks even easier to convert into a scambler. You can find it in book section at your local Wal-Mart, They run about $3.49 + tax.

What does my Fellow RPF'ers think????
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yeah I did, a few did, it got to be a long thread :p But the cool thing with this new version is its already stubby and the batteries are moved, which was the hard part with converting the longer one. Wonder why they decided to do that...awesome either way, thanks!