V for Vendetta Scrambler, Jammer Book light Prop


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A few days ago, V for Vendetta played again on TV and it got me to thinking that when the movie
came out, I was going to make one of the Jammer/Scrambler props from the LED Book Light,
so I bought a few to convert but never found the time.
The main issue was that the book lights that were easy to find are the "longer type", not the stubby
version. Modification would take a fair amount of effort to convert to the short version, so I shelved it,
until today.

I changed out the original white LED (instead of coloring it with a red marker) to an actual red LED.
The red marker would fade off over time.



This is just a mock-up "proof of concept" version:

Here is a short video of my efforts.

V 4 V Jammer - Scrambler



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I think if I do another one of these, I will see if I can "hard wire" too, that way I can display it open and ON all the time.
It would still be battery operated as well for portability.
Maybe have it so that it plugs into the USB port of my computer.....just thinking out loud. :)


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