Utrom Shredder TMNT 2003 TV Series

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    14383287_10207261201113677_148203583_n.jpg Shredder.jpg Shredder2.jpg COSTUME IS FINISHED - PICTURE UPDATED
    A couple of weeks back I began the early stages of an Utrom Shredder build. I wanted to get enough together before I started posting progress pictures. Right now it's at a point where enough of it is together that it is beginning to take shape so I will start to show updates on it.

    I have yet to do any work with an under suit, parts are also only temporarily in place and will be better fitted in the final product.
    The whole suit has been made out of 6mm EVA foam other than the abs which I have used 10mm foam that I have rounded off the edges with a Dremel.
    I was unable to use the same foam for the spikes as I have used for the rest of the suit, the other side of the rolls of foam I use all have a design on the opposite side, I needed a smooth surface on both sides. I ran out of this foam and will need to get more to finish the shoulder spikes.

    With this photo it was just to see for myself what needed work. The abs section will not be as loose as it's shown here, I plan to have it attached to the undersuit with velcro completely separate from the chest to give me as much movement as possible. The torso is connected at the back via a zip to get on and off.
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    Awesome job so far!
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    Lookin' great.
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    Wow, I like that.

    back in 2003, It took a long while to get used to the slightly anime look of utrom shredder, but now it's one of my favorite designs.
    nice to see that someone is building a costume on it. i don't see too many shredders walking around...
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    Very cool!
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    14383287_10207261201113677_148203583_n.jpg avhj.jpg Im very late to posting this or giving any updates on the suit but the Shredder build is about about 95% complete now!
    Roughly 2 weeks ago I happened to have a superhero themed party come up, thought this was the perfect opportunity to do some final touches and debut my work.

    Specs -
    To get the shoulder pieces to sit in a position that looked as how it appears in the cartoon, but still allowing it to move I used "Chicago Screws" - (I had some left over from my Iron Man build) However the weight of the foam meant it would just hang down low.. An easy fix was to just hook a rubber band from the torso to under the shoulder.
    aaa.jpg aaaa.jpg

    Torso - The torso piece I was constantly making small adjustments to, because of the large chest it gives very limited movement with the arms. The holes where your arms go through I ended up cutting around another 1-2cms than what the model had, this little change helped a fair bit.
    To get in and out of the chest I just got a long zipper and glued it to the split in the back.

    Hips/Abs - Originally I had planned to have the abs Velcro'd to the undershirt to give me as much movement as I possible, however because of how baggy the undershirt was, the abs would always drift and still get caught on the torso. A last minute discussion had me glue the abs to the hips piece, this actually worked surprisingly well and meant that the abs were never out of place.
    The hips were joined at the back with velcro on overlapping pieces of foam (I would modify the templates after I traced them onto the foam to allow for the overlap and extensions)
    The join can be seen in the previous of the back.

    Shins and Forearms - Nothing too special about either of these, the forearms were joined with velcro on overlapping pieces of foam, the main pieces were altered so it would be a single piece of foam that I would shape with a heat gun, rather than several slits throughout the part like the pep model had. The spikes were measured out and then glued into place.
    The shins I used 2 scrap pieces of foam for each shin (One high, one low) to wrap around my leg, glued on one side and velcro'd on the other side to get in and out of.

    Helmet - There was nothing too special about making the head, it was just an issue to accurately line up each of the overlapping sections because the templates were somewhat misleading. Once that was done I places some thin black cloth material around the eyes from the inside. This makes others not able to see your eyes or any facial features, but still leaving you able to see out of it (Obviously makes seeing harder though)
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