utility belt coloring help

I'd would use dye over paint any day. Since it's black, maybe try bleaching it first so that the blue dye will take to it better. I'm assuming this is a typical military utility belt, correct.

Have you looked into just finding the same material in blue and making a new belt? Might be easier.
Have you got a picture of the belt and do you know what kind of material it is.

I used Dylon colour remover to take the colour out of a khaki belt and redyed it sunflower yellow. I've a post on which has pics for my comic bat.

If you can post pics that would be great so we could have a look.
yeah its a type of ammo military belt, i'm trying to make captain america's belt from his suit in the avengers movie, i can post a pic of ithttp://www.armyshop.com/prodimages/thumb/fo-50-36-thumb.jpg.
well yesterday i finally got back to this project and bleached the belt pouches yesterday, now i have to go to the store and buy some dye.
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