USS Luna - Loknar Class Frigate


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This was my first-place prize in a contest I won over on AST. The 1/1000 scale USS Phobos from Multi-Verse Models, a Loknar class mark V frigate, built as the USS Luna. I was given three models to pick from for my win but when I saw images of the Phobos on the net my decision was easy. I was immediately impressed with the sleek elegance of this design.
Once I received the kit the wisdom of my choice was confirmed.
I haven't built a lot of resin models but I know quality when I see it and this a great kit, no bubbles, very little flash, and incredible surface detail.
The resin is very durable too; I must've dropped the nacelles on my concrete garage floor three or four times with no observable damage occurring.
Highly recommended!

Multi-Verse Models 1/1000 page link:


I gave her a semi-gloss finish after some light weathering. I usually like my ships to appear as though they've spent years in service to the fleet.


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Nice work! The Loknar came from the FASA Star Trek board game IIRC, but the design looked to be in the same time period as the TOS series. The refit upgrade looks great.


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Great model and great build. Congratulations! I am also like this design, Delta Quadrant also released it in 1:2500 scale, I bought one and the fit is very good.
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