USS Enterprise TOS filming model PRE-restoration pics here.


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Was going through my harddrive and found some pics I snapped of the big E original filming model about 25 years ago - before the Ed Miarecki restoration - when the model was still hanging from the ceiling of the Rocketry and Spaceflight exhibit in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I'm not posting these to add to the slams on Miarecki's restoration job (I'm one of the few who thinks he actually did a great job and I liked what he did.) but I figured they might be an interesting little tidbit for people interested in this sort of thing.

StarTrekStuff017.JPG StarTrekStuff008.JPG StarTrekStuff009.JPG StarTrekStuff010.JPG StarTrekStuff011.JPG StarTrekStuff012.JPG StarTrekStuff013.JPG StarTrekStuff014.JPG StarTrekStuff015.JPG StarTrekStuff016.JPG

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I know absolutely nothing about this piece, but it is ALWAYS awesome to see old photos come to light that we mgiht not see anywhere else. Thanks for sharing!


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Man those Pics bring back some memories.

She was not in the best shape when they put her on display in 1976


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Seriously, a great walk down memory lane. I can recall being there for the first time around 1977 or so taking the exact same pictures!


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Glad I could share. I think they were taken about 1988-1989 This was back in the days of 35mm photography... and I remember standing there - and i literally used 30 rolls of 36 exposure film taking nothing but shots of the ship... About 15 years ago - for a demonstration of some film scanning hardware I was testing for Konica Minolta (in a commercial environment) I had scanned in these ten examples you see in the post. If I run across the hordes of better picture negatives with closeups and better details - I'll scan them in and share as well. Nothing beat the majesty of seeing this ship so close - andnot behind glass like it's current location.
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