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  1. judgedredd

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    i know its not studio scale just wondered if you guys have any tips for painting these babies accurately i cant believe the size and accuracy of this kit for the money awesome :D :thumbsup
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    There is a thread in the General Modeling section on this site with someone doing
    a nice build up on one. You can also get a lot fo info over at the starshipmodelers

    It is a very nice kit. Long awaited forsure........
  3. autoprops713

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  4. Jedi Dade

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    I agree there is a very nice step by step description of the construction at culttvman. It kind of assumes you know a good bit about modeling beforehand but its still pretty good. The guy went a but above and beyond with his puttying in my opinion, but I can't really argue with his result.. it really is an awesome model - and you're right for the price it's a steal.

    Jedi Dade
  5. judgedredd

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    i cant wait to get started on this kit i have ordered a shed load of LEDs ultra bright white and blues i have a custom circuit for the flashing leds i am just dreading painting the thing i am not sure i have the kind of patience for all that masking :(
    i tell you what if someone paints it for me i will buy them a bar of chocolate for there trouble :D :$ lol thanks for the links they are interesting .


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