USS Bozeman


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Okay, I'm doing the USS Bozeman from an AMT Reliant model, a conversion kit from Federation Models, and decals from JT Graphics for a client.
Here's the goodies.

So first I have to dry the resin parts I washed (I also had to hair-drier a set of guns that were slightly warped- no biggie)

Checkin' the first parts...

RED ALERT! Upper deck explosion!:lol


Now a test fit:

Hmmm, not bad. Federation Models knows their stuff!

Anyone here ever do this one?


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Nice fit! This should go quick if everything fits as well.
Ahead of time & under budget is my goal!:cool

This single piece seems to be the most in need of sanding (in the process now):

Most other parts seem pretty clean.
I might have this whole thing together by the end of the week!:thumbsup


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I read that they wanted to get Kirstie Alley to reprise her role as Saavik and be one of the Bozeman's bridge crew, but things didn't work out (i.e. she wanted too much money, most likely.) That would have been funny though.

I really like the Reliant-type ships. I'll enjoy keeping up with your build.


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So.... I found more release agent on the resin parts, scrubbed them some, and when it didn't come off I threw them all in a Formula 409 bath for the night.

Looks like it's into the resin a bit, I conjure I'll end up lightly sanding it all off if it doesn't dissolve by 5:00 today.:love

In the mean time I started assembling the nacelles.

The line up isn't absolutely perfect, but that's par for the price.

What would model making be without the need to sand & putty?:lol
But the kit is pretty flash-free.
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Captain Crane:
"Was it the alignment pins that caused the misalignment? If so, I'd pop it apart, cut off the pins, reallign and glue it!
Then have a nice glass of chianti with Roz..."


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My chambers coil is overloading my comm system... what was that about a pop tart? :confused :confused

No, it's just common pulling-it-out-of-the-mold-hot differential.

Or tachyons.

Smiling Demon

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Hey Chris, when did you pick up the conversion kit from Federation Models?
Just checked their website and couldn't find it. Would like to pick one up for one of the Reliant kits I have.

Looking good so far!!

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Angelus Lupus

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I liked that episode, and I like the Reliant... but I can't help feeling the Soyuz 'refit' was an unnecessary whack with the ugly stick. One of my least favourite classes.

No offence meant to your work, BTW
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