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Watching my Firefly DVD I remember the sound of the coins that Mal got from Patience. The visceral sound of those coins made me want to try to makes some coinage for my kids and I to use in our little shorts. Now the sound of good poker chips is actually a rather satisfying sound. After cutting up one of them I found out why. They have a metal reinforcement inside of them. I was originally going to try to cut the chips to BSG style coinage but they are too difficult to cut straight. So my thinking is, to take good quality chips and fill them to hide their marking then spraying them with a metallic paint and stenciling their denominations. If I fill them though that is rather time consuming and I'm not sure how well the filler material will adhere.

Any suggestions? Photos of decent quality chips below

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Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

It looks like you can buy blank ones, up to 14 grams, on

... And other places online ...

I think those are going to have a recessed circle in them, designed to fit a circular sticker, though.

Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

Great minds think alike! I Used those very same poker chips for my firefly money bag. I used both gold and silver matalic spray paint and they look awesome. You realy don't have to use a filler on them, i didn't and was very happy with the result. They almost have a galactic look to them.
Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

Did you need to use primer on the chips to get good paint adhesion? and what type of paint did you use?
Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

This just now occurred to me:

If you have a craft or hobby store near-by, they may have a section with unfinished wood, for hobby / craft purposes. There might be unfinished wood discs there, about the size of a poker chip. My local place has them. Don't know how much they cost, or weigh, but it may be an option.


-Mike J.
Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

Instead of filling them i would sand them down thinner. Then you could primer them and either paint or gold and silver leaf them. They would be just plain discs but if you are just going to put them into your bag then they should be good to go.

Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

With the wood discs the sound isn't the same. It is a dull sounding sound. And we plan on having these visible, so we need to make them so they stand out. Would krylon fusion primer work as a base coat then what ever metalized paint we decide on be good?
Re: Using Poker Chips for coinage

Well sanding these poker chips hasn't gone well. I'm going to have to get some 1000 grit wet/dry to try to get a smooth enough finish for paint. Also I'm thinking about drilling the center of a few of the chips and actually putting a brass or aluminum disk in the center. Part of the reason is to change the sound of the chip and to change up the look.. Here a link to 1 and 3/8 inch blank brass tags.

Tag, Round, 1-3/8 IN, PK 25 - Tags - Identification Products - 3XFK2 : Grainger Industrial Supply

I have a set of the 1/8th metal alpha numeric stamps for marking denominations. Any ideas? Am I crazy?
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Ok can't find the Krylon fusion primer anywhere, and the Krylon Metallic gold and silver look like garbage, plus they are hard to find in my area. So I'm using the krlon fusion clear coat on some chips now which will get the krylon and rustoleum mettalic paint and I'll see how it looks.
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Ok Rustoleum Metallic paint is a NO GO. It doesn't spray lightly enough like the Krylon and takes forever to dry. They have been drying since this morning and are STILL tacky. The test pieces I did with the Krylon are dried no tackiness and still have the good clink sound, when I did the ones done with Rustoleum, the sound is deadened and I don't like it at all. So I'll be sticking with the Krylon Fusion clear coat then the regular Krylon Metallic Gold and Silver.

View attachment 80997
The silver on the left is Krylon, the gold is Krylon, the silver on the right is Rustoleum. Any opinions on how they look?
I think they look great. These would work just fine for numerous projects...Good job!

I showed my daughter how to tape the chip, then draw the design on it then using the exacto and a single edge razor blade cut out the design and then paint it, after paint is dry, use a needle to go around the design again, then remove the tape and put it on the other side to paint it that side. The only real problem is the designs are not easily reproducible. I'm trying to figure out a way to make it so I can reproduce her designs. I'm thinking scan them in on my printer so they can be printed off and cut out. But I'm not sure how that will work as using tape only there is full adhesion, with paper there could be over spray and leakage. Leading to less crisp details.
print in cheap sticker paper, (the dollar store has it) so you can do both, print it, and stick it, and bypass the leaking problem
print in cheap sticker paper, (the dollar store has it) so you can do both, print it, and stick it, and bypass the leaking problem

I'll have to get some of that and give it a try. I know she has a couple designs she'd like to make reproducible. As she has actually drawn them out and asked me to scan them in when I get my scanner hooked back up.

Thank you.
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