using parts from the DeAgostini 'Build your own Falcon' in ERTL cutway model


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Hi All,
I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. I've got the ERTL Cut-Away Falcon that i am about to start building in teh coming weeks but i have seen the new DeAgostini Magazine parts and they are really top notch looking so i was thinking that i could maybe buy some of them as they come out and use the parts from that in MY model, but I am assuming that the scale of both thee is different. The Scale for my model says 1/58 but the DeA website states THEIRS as 1:1 with the studio size, so can someone tell me what the scale for the studio model was? If it is 1/58 then i'm laughing, but I rather feel it would have been not as small....


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Yeah, I figured as much... Not to worry - will just keep my eye open for bits and pieces then. I may very well not even change the exisiting model at all since it is my first attempt, but want to aim high from the start! :D


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Your best bet is to get some of the printed detail parts on Shapeways... do a search on Shapeways for MPC FALCON and you should be able to find all kinds of exquisite detailed parts for the AMT/Ertl/MPC Falcon (they are all the same model!)


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The AMT/MPC/ERTL model is closer to 1/65 to 1/72 range (at least the exterior) while the interior (apart from the cockpit) is closer to 1/87 (based on trying to fit figures through those hallway opening in the cutaway model

The DiAgostini one is about 1/43

A closer match size wise (but still on the smaller side) would be the hasbro rebels Millennium Falcon

It is around 1/48. The DiAgostini will still be a little bit oversized, but some of them would probably be close enough

As far as the shapeways stuff, this guy has a ton of upgrade parts for the MPC falcon
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