useing a foam unfold to make a fiberglass costume


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I have been unable to find a straight answer to this question anywhere on the internet, so I came to the experts.

if you find a foam unfold of anything, can you just print it and fold it normally for the fibreglass method , or do you have to find a model that isn’t unfolded for foam.

Thank You.


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That's the feeling I have as well. I think that most of the foam files have all the bits in them, just the parts not needed for foam are off the print area (by this I mean all the parts that give depth, ridges and connecting tabs). If you had the patience you could probably put them back together but looking at the connecting faces and matching it up manually. I imagine it might take a while though.

I think that there is a slight difference in scale due to the foam having an intrinsic thickness but I couldn't quantify that at all.


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It'll work fine with paper and fibreglass. Usually when people say that its a foam unfold or whatever it doesnt mean much. Its really has mode to do with the geometry of the 3d file before it goes into pepakura than anything once its in pepakura


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If you use cardboard instead of paper you can use foam files with (almost) no problem. If you need a "unfolded file for paper" you can ask on this forum...
Difference: foam doesn't need parts for thickeness (you can see that parts off the page), there aren't flaps (because you can not use them with material too thick) and It requires some improvisation, in some models (the space between some parties sometimes goes with improvised parts created "ad hoc").
Hope you can understand my english :)


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Wow, we've come full circle now. 2 years ago the thread was "how to unfold a fiber model for foam" and big discussions, hunts and debates on how to do foam builds instead of the "industry standard" fiberglas. Sorry to hijack but was amused to see this shift in topics.
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