Useful for IG-88 barrel?


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Would this part be of use for a builder? I've rescued that piece from getting into the trash, because the look was so familar. So a quick search was getting me reminded. Maybe somebody can use this for a IG-88 BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle. Holes are pre-drilled, the diameter is about 10cm, and the length is around 70cm. Can take closer measurements. Sorry for the mess in the pics.



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Would make a nice part for a scratchbuild, but it´s way to big for the IG88 blaster. its barrel jacket has a 45mm O.D. IIRC

Where did you get it from/ what´s the source of that part?



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At work we use something similar on our technical drawing printers that pick up waste toner. It is too large of a diameter for a barrel jacket as well.

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