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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Prop-Maker, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I LOVE the USCM dogtags I got from Richies Armor. Terrific job. But I'm curious as to whether or not the engraved writing is supposed to be black (like the Carter Burke card) or is it supposed to be left the way it is? On Harry Harris' website, the writing appears to be either gold or just left alone, i.e. no paint. I've seen a lot of replicas with black writing and I'm just curious which is more accurate. Thanks,
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    Some are white (natural) and some are dark grey. It depends on your preference as they had them both. I just rubbed some dak grey acrylic paint over mine to make the letters more visible. :D
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    Thanks, Funky. That's what I'm thinkin' about doing, too... mixin' a little paint in there. I guess since both were used, then both are screen-accurate. :D Personal preference, at this point, right? I worry about it fading or chipping off after a while, so I'm probably just gonna leave mine the way they are. On a side-note, I'll be picking up some of MAA's screen-accurate "2PAT" BDUs when payday rolls around. Should have a completed USCM costume by dragoncon... hopefully.
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    Most replicas are done in dark grey or black, but the correct color is Brown Bess, just like the Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower. I have one set of Frost tags I got from some guy in the UK, and the engraving is filled with Brown Bess paint. Hope this helps.

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    You might try crayon.

    Where are these available?

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    Thanks, everyone. Brown Bess, huh? That's interesting. Kinda makes sense, though... darn near everything in that movie is painted Brown Bess. :D If you're wanting a set, Jay, send a PM to Stephen210 or Richies Armor. Include rank; first initial and last name; arbitrary service number you made up. Should look like this (I'll use mine as an example):


    The "A", the "/", the "TQ" and the "E" of the service number (SN) are part of the Marines' dogtags from the film. To be as different, yet similar as possible, I added these basic elements to my service number. Every character's SN had these three elements. The dogtags are $34.00 shipped and take about a month from initial payment to arrival (at least mine did). Seems like a long wait, but they're COMPLETELY worth it.

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