urdnot wrex mass effect wall mounted head sculpt


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this is a resin cast, foam filled, wall mount of urdnot wrex's head. i used the original mold from my wrex costume as a starting point.
it's 25" tall and 17.5" wide ( wall plaque dimensions )
i had a lot of latex sitting around so against my better judgement i used it to make the mold. the mother mold is TEN (10) pieces in fiberglass .
latex shrinks with time and already it's smaller than my mother mold. oh well i've cast several and could redo the mold if needed. actually
this is the second mold i've done- the first was using urethane rubber that had gone bad...so that really sucked.
latex is good for mask and the stuff smooth on sells is great but latex is really not the best for multiple consistent castings. ugh.
i'll post this on etsy soon

IMG_20150706_115529:nopm:.jpgthis one is blurry but basically you can see the foam overflow. these
are sort of rotocast / brushed in ( using smooth on 65d).
20141103_205224.jpg this blue guy is a resin pull from my original mold then i built a foam plaque around it
IMG_0116.JPGIMG_0117.JPGIMG_0119.JPG these gray guys are finished short of more clean up around the back edges
i also painted one upIMG_0179.JPGIMG_0178.JPGIMG_0180.JPG
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