Urban Hunter

Oh my god :lol: ... I love the details! Even a scar on his cheek, Narin does amazing sculpts for sure.
Really nice, whenever I need inspiriation I go to your site and watch the paint jobs. :lol:
that right there is the best P2 statue painted to date imo, is this for your personal collection joe or customer? i would love to see what kinds of things you have in your own collection ;) btw-did my guyver kit arrive safely?
Seriously? No, seriously? Why? Just why? How are any of us supposed to want to even try to paint another pred after looking at that? God... Ridiculous...
Joe, you are the man! That is one sick paint job. The detail in this piece is insane. Wow...keep posting those pics and I love your site. The death warrior paint ups are by far my favorite!
thanks guys!
This was one of the most fun paint ups I have ever done.....due to the great detail Narin sculpted........almost paints itself!

No Guyver kit yet....soon i hope.

Joe, just out of curiosity, I know these kits are numbered with a certificate, not sure if you saw it, but if so which number is this particular piece?
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