Updated my Bat gauntlets and made a foam Cowl

Jamie Ridder

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20150117_174201.jpg 20150117_174304.jpg
used four bolts to attach shin guards to my leather gauntlets. Before attaching em I plasti-dipped the guards and also tore out the foam and straps.
kind of looks like the new 52 ones!

20150120_160237.jpg 20141203_201752.jpg 20141203_201259.jpg
The cowl is all foam, from 3mm craft foamies if i remember. I sealed the outside only with mod podge then plasti dip sprayed about four layers. Its super comfy and shapes to my face. used the Arkham origins foam Pepakura, of course sized it, and added the brows and some expression. I cut out holes around the ear areas and glued some black cloth for better hearing. (seen better in pic3) pony tail is a bonus, but i hide it in my neck piece LOL

Jamie Ridder

Active Member
Thank you! I really was surprised myself on it turning out the way it did. I like it better than the main cowl I made that I was going to use at comic-con, but using this one instead LOL! Its also very comfortable and doesn't hold the heat.
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