UPDATED !!!! ANH Comlink part found?

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Hi again, :)

The more I look at it, the more i think that this is the part. :confused

Please take a look at the pics.

Here we can see how the original and the found part, have the same threading, but only the first half, the first eight threads. The perspective angle is not the same, but very similar. By the way, most of the nipples that i have seen, have eight "fins"... like the original comlink ( eight measuring the same, and another eight decreasing size...)


Here we can see how if we place a Hovi Mix with the right angle, it looks correct. Please compare both...



I did zoom the image, in order to measure the fins and the complete piece (comlink)




It has been said that the original part used by the makers could be a cylinder from an Airplane Radial Engine model kit, wich could make sense....

But the cooling fins of the cylinder are parallel (if we compare them to the beginning and bottom of the comlink. Fin to fin they are always parallel), and the ones in Luke´s are not.. as you can see in the pic. Therefore, they have a thread...


I have found, that one of the sizes on wich this PVC close nipples are made is one inch, wich i think has to be it. Because it has to be just a little bit bigger than the mic tip, wich in this case is...

Also, they have nipples called "reducing nipple" on wich the end is smaller, and that will give the shape as the second part of the Comlink...


Now is just a question of finding the right one by going to a Plumb store with a Hovi Mix, or looking at some catalogs...

Take a look also at the manufacturer page of the one that i used in the comparation.

PVC Close Nipples, NPT Threaded (Seafit) - Plastic Plumbing Fittings

What do you guys think? :confused

Thanks :cheers


Hello all,

I was reading some time ago, the book "The Making of Star Wars". On page 117, says "The comlink is in fact part of a faucet" :rolleyes

So i started to look at different parts, and i found this...


If you remove the center nut... you will have two halves ...


There has to be many types and sizes. If we take a Mic tip, and measure it, we will see the size required.

The thing that i like about it is that one end is straight, but the other one decreases in diameter.... I bet that they were made (or still made) of plastic... that will explain the way the end looks in the real one, where the edge is not perfectly cut.


What do you think? :confused


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Re: ANH Comlink part found?

And this one looks like a mic tip....

Could the real one be a part related to a faucet?

Re: ANH Comlink part found?

Opppsss !!! :$

Could someone please fix my mistake? :confused

Thanks :thumbsup

Re: ANH Comlink part found?

I read that just the other day too.
Thought he might have been mistaken or talking about the filter mesh part at the front.
I was of the general idea that those black rings were just rubber o rings slid on afterwards.
Hang on while I review the footage.
Re: ANH Comlink part found?

Looking at the modified part it looks like a simple plumbing nipple. You can get them in various sizes and styles without having to cut out the middle wrench portion.
Re: ANH Comlink part found?

The 'part of a faucet' is the aerator part that attatches to the end of a spout. Inside your chrome kitchen and lavvy faucet spouts are commonly found white plastic screen-and baffle- holders, designed to cut down water flow and stop the particulate matter. The 'Microphone' of the commlink looks very much like one of these aerator assemblies to me.
Re: ANH Comlink part found?

Thanks for your help!!! :thumbsup

It was already known that both ends come from from the Mic Tips of the Stormtrooper helmet ... ;) , one of the ends is the inside part. The letters are " HOVI-MIX Pa2"

But i think that nowbody knows for sure where the Mic Tip (part) comes from, and also what they did use for the middle black part... :confused

Some say that is a part from a Radial Airplane model kit, and some other that maybe from a RC engine....

When i saw those pictures, i thought that they could be the missing part... :)

Re: ANH Comlink part found?

Could the real one be a part related to a faucet?
Some of us have been saying this all the time.

Several of us have found many similar items, made 30 years ago, and made yesterday, that are only a little bit different. The differences have been in bevels, length of the fins, density of the metal mesh etc. ... but people still think "It is called a 'mic tip', so it must be a mic tip" or they read some theory in a forum or on Parts of Star Wars and take that as established fact. :rolleyes
Btw, "Hovi" means "House" in Finnish. "Mix" is, well, you mix hot and cold. "Pa" = Pascal, a unit of pressure.
I don't see much similarity at all with the threaded plumbing parts.

The screencap of the comlink sitting there might look like threading, but if you look at the profile of the part you'd see the ridges are not all the same height (threading would have to be).
The ridge on the tapered section right before the even ridges is roughly .2 inches tall.

Check the Han blaster thread for more info on this part.
"I don't see much similarity at all with the threaded plumbing parts."

Really? :confused

I do not agree with that... because.... :love

1.-it is said on the book that the part comes from something related to plumbing...

2.-The size matches

3.-The comlink is threated, as you can see inthe pic, where the lines do not go parallel to the bottom

4.-There has to be thousnds of different nipples, and maybe one of them will be the right one...

5,.-If you take the inside part of the mic tio, it will fit perfectly on the end of the mic tip. It seem like if by turning the mic (that is why it has the 4 straight lines around, so your finger will hold it better and it will not slip when wet) it will go up closing with no gap the end, therefore the liquid will not scape ....

6.-The Pa2 that is written on the side, maybe is related to the pressure unit Pa..(same name)

7.-In the pictures that i made, you can see that visually it is almos identical..

8.-We can not see how deep the thread is, because of the angle that the picture is taken, but in this pic we could try to see that... and remember that it is an elypse, and in this pic we see the beginning of the threat but not the point of maximun depth


Not enough reasons yet? :rolleyes

Do not worry. I will order one of them, and once i have it in my hands i will make one comlink, and we will see if it looks like or not.

But for now, all the replicas and props are not accurate because of the threads....going parallel...when they are not !! :cry


It's great to see interest in this piece and that there is still a desire to find found parts. :thumbsup to MB.

Looking at the screen caps of the comlink on Luke's belt, the 'threads' look very tall/deep. So much so that I don't think that they are threads. I've never seen threads that have that deep/tall of a pitch to them.

I always thought it was some variation on a Cox motor cylinder like this.

Then they just covered it with wire shrink tubing and hit the tubing with a torch to shrink it (it would conform nicely) and voila.

I couldn't say for sure as I haven't dug into this one much, but I thought I'd toss it out there for the die hards.

Now how about those damn death star panel lights?! lol

Not enough reasons yet? :rolleyes

Do not worry. I will order one of them, and once i have it in my hands i will make one comlink, and we will see if it looks like or not.

But for now, all the replicas and props are not accurate because of the threads....going parallel...when they are not !! :cry

You need to look at better pictures.
The comlink part is the same piece used on several blasters.

Does this look threaded to you?


Threading is a series of V's - each ridge is equal in size to the groove between them. The gap between the ridges on the prop piece is at least twice as wide as the fins. The fins also have a flat edge. Threading is sharp edged (VVVVV).

I have a couple ideas of where the plumbing information in the Making of SW book came from and I don't think they're reliable. There is other incorrect prop information in the book. The information is taken from interviews, not actual confirmed part identifications.

As for the comlink tip...
There are 4 open slots on the side of the side of the Hovi tip. If it was a faucet aerator, water would shoot out the sides - bad design. There's also a dome shaped interior piece which would stop anything from passing through the tip (except sound). It might not be a microphone, but the theory makes more sense than faucet aerator.
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