!! UPDATE !! TOS NCC-1701 Drawings

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Well itÂ’s been awhile, but I final posted some updates to my website, the site has hit the 10,000 visitors mark. Before you run over to check it out, one warning, there are pop-ups, it is an Angelfire free site. So, if you hate pop-ups you might want to take the time down load Opera, it is a free web browser available at http://www.opera.com it has a pop-up blocking built into it or Yahoo, now has included a pop-up blocker into their toolbar at http://companion.yahoo.com/ with that said.

TOS Enterprise has been revised extensively. Revision C; The drawings are intended to represent the model as it appears today. Because details appear and disappear through out the life of the model some of the details that are depicted may not be visible on all versions.

The following changes are a result of observations and comments from various people over the past year. Some were submitted directly to me, others were extracted from threads that were discussing the accuracy of the drawings. Every effort was made to confirm the changes through photographic analysis or other reliable sources. While these drawings are NOT 100% accurate they are getting close. The drawings will continue to be revised as more accurate information comes-to-light. Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback, please keep it coming.

1. Top view
a. Revised grid lines to coincide with the revisions to B/C Deck.
b. Reduced upper saucer large font size.
c. Relocated upper saucer markings to match new grid lines.
2. Bottom View
a. Revised grid lines.
b. Revised triangular markings to match new grid lines.
c. Revised font size of lower saucer marking.
3. Front view; moved 3 circular ports up.
4. Increased height of lower sensor dome.
5. Nacelle
a. Increased font size to match the smaller font on the upper saucer.
b. Revised grid lines.
c. Lengthen grillwork on inboard face of the nacelle forward 1 inch.
d. Relocated Nacelles to 38.5 inches on center
6. Increased height of upper surface of the saucer section.
7. B/C decks
a. Revised view port size and location.
b. Reduced height to match the increase in upper surface of the saucer.
c. Reduced the width.
8. Engineering hull.
a. Added 4 missing view ports, 2 forward, 2 aft.
b. Relocated view ports.
9. Reduced the size of the impulse engine.
10. Fix a number of orthographic projection errors throughout the drawing.

ThatÂ’s all for now. Let me know what you think.


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phase pistol

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I've said it before, this is AMAZING work Alan.

And thank you so much for making it a public effort... so many folks go all "proprietary" with this sort of reasearch... your generosity is a boon to fans everywhere.

- Karl


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Very nice work Alan! It really is great of you to make such a time consuming effort public. Great detail!

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