Update: 8/21/2022----T-800


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Hey everyone,
Well, I finally finished my Terminator T-800 neck. I drilled a hole down through the neck for the eye wires so I can attach the switch. I attached the neck pistons to the first neck vertebrae, and to the back of the skull. I made them out of PVC tubing, and a wooden dowel rod. I've been talking to a guy in Australia who built his out of aluminum castings, and he gave me the idea of the vertebrae mounting because the pistons would hit the rear pistons of the shoulders. I even made up a couple hoses, and attached them to the pistons for hydraulics. The neck, and skull are not glued down to the body so they can be removed for whatever reason. All that's left is to do is a few minor touch-ups, and then onto the hands, and placing skulls on the base. I'm attaching pics of the completed neck so please let me know what you all think. Took me 3 years to get to this point, give or take a few months. Hope you like it!!!!


  • finished neck1.jpg
    finished neck1.jpg
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    finished neck2.jpg
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    finished neck4.jpg
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