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Back in May of 2004 I posted that my friend Patrick was making a film and needed a lot of Studio Scale Star Wars models for a scene that takes place at ILM during the making of the first film back in 1977. A lot of you responded and despite the length of time it took for the funding to finalize, I'm here to report that it finally happened: the ILM sequence is now on film. Here are a few photos:

Before anyone throws an 'accuracy fit', the X-wings will only be seen hurtling to their doom as John Dykstra (played by an actor) slams them into a table, demonstrating how well they break up. The paint jobs don't have to be right, just close.

The thing to keep in mind when looking at these photos is the models are only props in the overall scenes that take place at ILM. The camera never lingers, but the way they shot the sequence, "its like going back in time".

These photos were sent to me by Rick Ingalsby, who did the Star Destroyer and was on hand for all the filming. I wanted to update the board as a lot of time has gone by and I think there are those who were wondering just what was going on.



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Very cool Scott. I've been looking forward to this movie since I found out about it.

I see you found another Escape Pod.


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Awesome. I got a full report on this from Rick and expect a detailed write-up to be posted at my site in the near future. . . :)

He built two star destroyer models and one of them is on loan to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (article on my site). He also built the escape pod you see here.



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Looks great Scott. Looks like one of my TIE kits made the screen thanks to Mike Salzo. I also send a bunch of TIE parts and other related items for the ILM work table. Rick was really nice to talk to and I recieved everyting back that I sent. The TIE looks so natural in front of the Blue Screen. Its a standard TIE kit but Mike painted the resin so to look as real Koolshade. As far as details go it is accurate. Here are some shots of the TIE during filming.

Thanks Mike for sending in the TIE Fighter, hey you now own a Film Used TIE FIGHTER.

Anyone know who made that Blockade runner? Looks fantastic.


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Originally posted by Aegis159@Mar 26 2006, 04:40 PM
Beat me to it there Steve. I'd love to know more about that Blockade Runner as well...
The Blockade Runner went through Scott's garage in order for him to get it delivered to Patrick for use on the movie. Full on 6 footer. Might ask Scott who it was.


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The BR was built by a guy in Stockton. Sorry, I can't find his name right now. This model is a case of being the right size, very well proportioned and painted well enough to look good on camera, but very blank when it comes to kit part details. In other words, it does the job perfectly for how it was used in the film, but you won't be seeing it in a museum.



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This is very sweet, i was only 3 back when ANH came out, so i can at least get a feel for the build up of that movie maybe now, thanks for the great pics.


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Great models...
I had the luck of seeing the landspeeder under constuction and
it looked like its was the real thing. Very impressive.

Cannot wait to see this movie :thumbsup :thumbsup

Greetings from the Netherlands,



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well now that is amazing. I did not respond to this idea well when it was first asked now I feel like heel
man I could have sent the X and Y I have under construction are there any shots like that in the movie



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Aside from the X-wings that get smashed, none of the models are shown in closeups-- they are simply set dressing and as such just appear in the scene to sell the idea that the action is actually taking place at ILM.

I would not look for this film to show up in theatres until next year. They will be editing it for a few months yet and it is only after a distribution deal is struck that an exhibition date will be figured out. That will happen once the film has been shown to test audiences and the results will determine what time of year the film is released.



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Hm so this is not a Fanfilm but comes to cinemas ? Any more infos about it ? Actors, genre, director ?


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Hi everyone,

Im the one who built the Blockade Runner. It started out as a hobby project for me and my 14 year old nephew. We wanted to have this as an on-going thing for us to do, until the request came up. So we cut quite a bit of corners to have it ready in time for filming. Now that we have it back, were going to finish it as detailed as possible. Even though we dont have a clue on the actual greebles.

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