Up your butt Jobu!!!


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Well I FINALLY came across the man who makes these and Demanded he make me one and I'm I happy I did:cool.I was bugging the man who makes these for over a year now and he finally caved in and hooked me up.This JOBU statue is as accurate as they get and quality made.This thing is a work of art and stands approx 14.5 inches tall.I'm Finally proud to finally be the owner of this JOBU.Ever since the movie came out I wanted a jobu very bad,VERY BAD.I tried making one on my own but kept failing.So my quest is over finally and here are some pics.

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"Have you considered taking Jesus Christ as your savior?"
"Ahhh. Jesus. I like Jesus very much. But, he no help me with the curveball."


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Alright, alright, let's not get into a holy war.

Man, that is pretty cool. Especially being an Indians fan and whatnot.

Just remember: It's very bad, to drink Jobu's rum...it's very bad!


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When I opened this thread, I figured there would be a major League prop of some sort, but I did not think it would actually be Jobu.

This is awesome. So awesome.
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