Unyielding casque from destiny with pepakura


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Hi, i'm new in the wonderfull props world but i want to start with a big experiment. I would like to recreate the unyielding casque for the hunter in destiny and i downloaded the 3d file from destinystlgenerator.com but the model is too rough. I already tried with netfabb cloud but i'm not capable to use 3d programs.
My goal is to assemble it with pepakura and in order to do it i need that the project is not too complicated.
Is there anybody that can help me?
Thank you.


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that would be cool to see. it is however a relatively new helmet, I doubt there is any pepakura files for this yet.

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you should contact someone laellee. he might be able to do a comissiom fort you.


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I also used the destinystlgenerator to get the game file. It is not useable in terms of creating a viable model to make a prop from. I had to sculpt it to get the rough parts, then retopologize to get the clean model you see above. It's so smooth because I plan to print the helmet.


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Someone asked me to unfold this helmet and I can't remember who it was so if anyone can remember asking me please PM me about it...

Unyielding Destiny Helmet.JPG


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If nobody gets back to me about this by Monday I think I'm just going to put it on my unfolds page, I tried to find out who asked me but I'm not going to sit on this file forever ;)

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This was the initial retopology of the helmet before I smoothed it and detailed. It can easily be used in pepakura to be unfolded.

Wish I'd worked on your model it would have been a lot easier than the one I had to work from LOL
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