Interest Unused Concept Voyager Tricorder - SECOND RUN INTEREST


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Hi all,
You may have seen my thread on the build of the V2 concept tricorder.

I also recently released 3 videos covering its build and development

Over the last couple of months I have been working to make a small run of builds. I have done some more designs to make the electronics and chassis more robust and also easier to build.

I have several buyers already, but a few have dropped out so I have 3 slots immediately available with a potential to push for another 4 on top of that.

I would at least really like to fill up these last 2 or 3 slots, as all my immediate costs were calculated for that initial run amount. Anything above that would be a bonus.

Time frame. I have told people my plan is to have the builds all completed by September. But to expect winter at the latest. But I do hope to have them completed sooner.

There are a few major changes to the design.
One change is to the exterior chassis. The buttons will no longer be recessed but instead would have more traditional flat decals.
This is done to make the vinyl decals more robust, as previously the decals ended up being 1 or 2 mm thin when they framed some of the recessed buttons, and I am worried about them delaminating. The change to make the buttons flat and as part of a larger decal will correct this.

The second major change is the power system inside the tricorder. I have reworked the electronics to predominantly work on 3V. This would help save power and reduce waste on having to use LDO to give the majority of 3V. In all this should mean a longer battery life.

Also the charger circuit has also been changed. Again this should provide a faster yet safe charging system than the previous version.

Along with the new power system is a new way to turn on the tricorder.
It would be more like a smart phone, the PWR button on the front of the tricorder will be used to start up the device and there will be a software shutdown control to power it off. This means you will only need to open the back access panel to charge the tricorder and or to change it to display mode and to turn on or off the sound effects.

The battery will also be more easy to replace when the LIPO cell fades.

As for price.
I am asking for £1600 total(+ Postage and Packing, roughly £20 for Royal Mail to US) . This will be split into 2 payments.

Firstly I would ask for a deposit £100. This deposit is non-refundable as it would be used to pay for materials. This is also a commitment to pay for the Tricorder once the build is complete.

You will then make a second payment of £1500 on completion to receive your Tricorder.

Please be aware. On completion, you will have a 6 month window to make the final payment. After 6 months I will reserve the right to sell your build to another person, and you will loose your prop and deposit.
This is done to stop any endless delays, and I hope you agree that 6 months is a fair window. But I recommend you either have most if not all the funds available when you make your deposit so not to fall fowl of this.

I am offering two payment options.
This final price is calculated with PayPal in mind. So if you wish to use PayPal you can.

But I prefer payments to be made via .
I have a promotional link that not only offers me a small kick back when people sign up through it, it also has vastly better exchange rates and smaller fees. And they also offer 500GBP fee free transfer. Contact me for the link if you want to pay via this.

One final note. I am in the UK and all my prices are in GREAT BRITISH POUNDS and NOT USD. This is why I feel is the better choice.
You will be responsible for any import fees that may happen.

I hope these final terms are reasonable and fair.

Contact me if you wish to buy one :)

Thank you


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I am currently not taking on more orders on the current run.
However I will do another run at some point if theres enough interest.
If youre interested in a second run please show your interest here...


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