Until Death : Dioramas 2-3-4


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Time to give you some news, all dioramas for the next 3 Until Death are ready for the casting, please enjoy the pictures ....

Until Death No. 2 : Spitter-Hunter with divinity Rataka


Until Death No. 3 : Last kiss good-bye with divinity Pakawana


Until Death No. 4 : Tromblon-Hunter and divinity De-Rohre


And now all together .....


Then I could suppose your next question, what about the kits .....

No. 2 is now in mould and casting, price should be ready in a short delay ....
No. 3 Narin is supposing working on it now.
No. 4 Still be in my brain, 1st I release No. 2 and No. 3 then we will start No. 4. Which should be ready for Christmas.
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I do love the idea with the dio's connecting.My only dislike is the theme with the ancient Aztec look.I would like to see a more predator world look, which would have to be imagined up by someone.The predators are pretty awesome and i think they cancel out my dislike.Cant wait for the updates, its looking like a year plus project.Awesome project very cool to work with the talent very jealous......
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