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Unknown sci-fi pistol - help!

Discussion in 'Production Made Costumes and Props' started by Pharos, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Pharos

    Pharos New Member

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    I saw this prop sitting on a display table at a recent Prop builders mini-con in England. The owner didn't know what it was, but he thought it might be 'Demolition Man'.

    I do not have that movie, but the screen caps I have managed to find do not show anything like it.


    It was well made, a triangular perspex barrel with a blue light on the end. A socket was in the grip for a power wire and the handle folded flat against the barrel and is held in place by a magnet.

    I can't place it at all, but I thought it was a fantastic prop (I love perspex!!) and I would like to ask you, the experts, what it might be.

    Good luck!
  2. blue2k

    blue2k Well-Known Member

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    No idea what that might be from. Looks like some sketchy prop made for Dr Who or Blakes Seven or something? Let's hope it has a hidden interesting history.
  3. captblitzdawg

    captblitzdawg New Member

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    Looks Whovian to me, but I can't place it....
  4. Pharos

    Pharos New Member

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    Yes, I know what you mean - it reminds me so much of a 'Deadly Assassin' Gallifreyan Staser, but without the red sticky back plastic or the Sparklets CO2 capsules.

    But, having examined many props from British Telly Sci-Fi, the construction and preciseness of this is a cut above most of it. The perspex is machine cut and flawless, the handle is robust and - as far as I can tell - a very original design.

    Plus the Exhibitor says he bought it from a reliable prop source in the USA, not that that's conclusive. I honestly have no idea how I can find out what it is, other than to watch every Sci-Fi film and telly show! It also strikes me that it has the look of a Hero prop design that was never used, except maybe in the BG as other set dressing, or a supporting artiste prop gun?

    The strange thing is, I really have the urge to build one of these.

    Thank you for your suggestions, but I am still looking!
  5. CynicalMormon

    CynicalMormon Member

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    Man, those angles really remind me of the gun from Logan's Run. Could be an early concept proof or something.
    I'm gonna dig a little deeper into that 'verse and see if I can come across anything.
  6. tuskentrooper

    tuskentrooper Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  7. Pharos

    Pharos New Member

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    Wow, certainly no shortage of opinions on Facebook - thanks for the link.

    The gun was a finished prop, not a work in progress - I will look up some of the suggestions, though. It's not a Logan's Run gun or prop - Not from the movie and I'm fairly certain not from the TV series (which I have just re-visited).

    I must try to email the owner again to see if they have any more information.

    Many thanks.
  8. PeterLC


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    Maybe not a gun but say a laser cutting tool from something. Definitely the kind of thing found in 70s Brit scifi.
  9. Pharos

    Pharos New Member

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    Yes, this seems more likely to me too. Because in the seventies and eighties, you could get away with props made from perspex for extra added Sci-Fi-ability.

    I'm sure it isn't Blake's 7, but it wouldn't have been out of place on that show.

    We're looking at an example of retro Sci-fi.

    I would find out more about it, but the owner has gone AWOL. Ah well...
  10. Pharos

    Pharos New Member

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    Great news!

    I have heard from the owner and he will (work permitting) send me some more pictures of the prop, particularly in it's closed 'dagger-like' configuration. The handle flips up and it can be held, and presumably operated too, in a knife like grip, or holstered (no evidence for this, but it might be a cool way of carry).

    Still no luck with identity, despite some great comments on the Facebook page.

    More suggestions please!
  11. Harada357

    Harada357 Well-Known Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I recognize the Prop from a USA made for TV Sci Fi show. It only aired the pilot. The show aired in 1970-80's. Look in Pilots that never made it to a series. I remember it because I tried making that pistol out of plexiglass. I will search to find it. The weapon belonged to a police or alien character. I swear I am going to figure this one out.

  12. Moviefreak

    Moviefreak Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Let us hope he still cares. :lol
    He hasn't logged in here since 2016.

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