Unknown and Unheared.. hidden place under the sun... unmatched hunting grounds


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Biodegradable hot spots

For a many many years investigation on places which are unbearable for the normal humans humanitairy investigations are planned on earth. Is it the instinct to survive or is it the knowledge of the human body or just the hunger for explorations. Even programs and whole TVstations are dedicated to earth and the knowledge how to experience the coldest, wettest, hottest aerea's on earth.
Everybody loves to see the most experienced dedicated pro's at work at sea in oil drilling. Searching for diamonds in hospicable places. Learning how to live of the land in ice and on ice of the poles. But could it be an even older hunger..? A hunger for .. for entertainment? Safely sitting in a comfy chair at home. Or in a warmed and cosy vehicle where all food is stored and even a chamgagnebottle is chilled.. Safe and entertainened.. slowly our eyes get tired. When the heating or cooling machine is purring softly and we dooze of... :)

and a sweet sound of music brings us back into a sleep....

Softly a sound is heared deep deep inside a mountain.. On a vulcano whih is in rest. Where no activities are thundering and for many many centuries no ash or molted lava is ouzing down the slopes.. But inside.. deep deep in the earth a steady rumble is heard, a flow of magma heats up the earth.. and a non-human pod.. now all dusty and slowly eaten away by acid and heat shows us a cave... proper.. clean ... going true an ancient tunnel it leads us to another cave.. in which the pressure is 50 times the normal pressure. Where a lake.. where a constant mist is over because the water is very hot. There in a neat line skulls are hanged on the wall.. not ..from earth .. and many many skuls of enormous seacreatures.. which died out hundredthousands and thousand years ago..
But also... heads of giant sharks and carnivoral fishes.. and weird looking beakes of... of giant squids?!!!

There we hear a sound.. it looks like a metal sound.. what is that...?!!!



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Silent hunter

A stir in the boiling water a thick yellowish mist is formed.. and slowly something is coming out. The metal sound becomes sharper when a creature comes out of the boiling hot water. The boiling water evapourates and a strong smell of sulfer filles up the air..
Slowly the mist disseaperes.. and a big bit bulky creatuere stands on a flat part of the non-human made stepping stones of the pool. Razor sharp claws on the toes.. click on the stones.. the feet partly covered with .. a weird kind of leather.. looks like stingrayskin...
The legs.. which have reptile scales like the old dino's had.. covered with a state of the art netting partly coverd with tropicaldeep sea creatures..
An odd codpiece made of ancient bones and a real skinrayleather swimmingtrunks.. partly ripped and aged for many centuries..

The netting goes higher and... Around the belly an odd device which spurts the last drops of boiling water... and hoses which goes to some even more alienlooking devices on its back.. and from there hoses to a mask.. YES we recognize this mask immediattelly..
Of course we recognize the skulls or trophys the creature is wearing.. and on his arm ans part of his shoulder there is a battlearmor... formed by many skulls non earthlike and earthlike...
Now the mask.. the bio is taken off... and a deep roar is heared in the vulcanic cave...
It looks like a predator.. but he looks different..

To be continued


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Silent hunter part 2

The hunter goes to a seat which is linked to a machine which is also linked to a metal tube which is glowing red hot. (The tube goes inside a rock which is connected woth a boiling puddle of magma.)
Passing a wall the hunter takes of his device which looks like a breathing device and suddenly we see that he has a thin skin between his fingers and feet. It looks not hunterlike cause some wierd stitches are there.
On the wall different bios are on display, but the one he puts on we all know.... the RAM bio, but still different than usual.
Now we see his head.. the colours are different, because the skin has got the same effect as giant squits have. But no.. it is not his skin, but a very fine netting which he takes of.

His skin is thicker and looks more oily. And odd kind of scales are visible, but they disseapear.. in a flash. He puts a big head on a table, and puts a code in the machine nextby. The head which had still some meat on disseapeares in the table, and after a few seconds it comes out.. clean, stripped from all flesh, and still loosing a hot steam from it.

The hunter, the predator, looks at the skull and hangs it at all other trophys..he goes back to the odd seat and lays down. We see that he has a massive wound in his chest, but it's already closing quite fast. He lays down his head and the greenish-black dreadsstill glow a bit. The machine comes alive and creepy needles and knives are coming alive.. the predator grabs a mask roars loudly and breaths in......
slowly the ligths fades away.. and only the hot rocks give a shimmer of red ligth....

to be continued
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