Unimat 1 lathe any good?


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Hi guys

im looking into getting a lathe for small work, ive looked at some and for what use its going to get i dont want to pay a fortune just yet. Ive looked at the unimat 4 and it seems to suit my needs. Question is though, is the little unimat 6 in 1 tool any good, has anyone used one? im quite tempted but i dont want something thats gonna fall to bits, take out my eye and burn down the house so to speak. Any pointers gladly welcomed.......lee


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God I need a lathe so badly but I would not even have a fracking clue on how to use it. :(



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Thanks animeK, i need a lathe so bad and this seems to suit my current needs, im not after turning anything of a huge size just yet, i was just wondering the quality of the machine, it looks a good cheap solution for now, ill have to snap one up i guess. As it goes what sort of sizes will it turn in the bed?


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Regarding the size, I wouldnÂ’t recommend piece that are more than 1" in dia, and the length, well I bought the extension, which gives me something like 12" a piece long.
I also bought those for turning.
Because the tuning tool that come with the Unimat is simply crap.

Material under 1” dia, can be Wood or plastic.
For aluminum; nothing bigger than 0.5”
Steel; forget it.
More than 1" in dia would have to be pretty smooth material, like foam or balsa wood.
And then the max would be about 3.5” in dia.

My Saturn V is 0.5" in diameter made of pine, and the engine coils of the Arc-170 are 0.25" in diameter also made of pine.

I forgot, for bigger and larger wooden part, I have this lathe http://www.deltamachinery.com/index.asp?e=136&p=984
and for steel I have this one for steel part. http://www.littlemachineshop.com/info/minilathe.php