Unfolder needed!


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I'm hoping this is the appropriate spot for this request -

I'm in need of someone who can unfold. It's a fairly large project; we're talking a whole suit, head to toe.


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Yes, I did. Many moons ago. I have Blender, and I'm slogging through it, learning slowly. I tried keyword searches, but nothing useful/relevant. Yes, I tried Google, and just about every other propmaking website I could think of.


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Might help if you could at least name what you want unfolded or post a pic. Last time I offered to help someone with a vague post like this they sent me a folder with 5 sets of full armor they wanted cleaned up in Blender then unfolded then latter added they wanted it done in less then a week and all for free. Well after that they didn't get a thing from me.
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