Underworld Throwing Star / Disc dimensions


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I'm planning on building an Underworld Throwing Star, with a working mechanism, i.e opens up and blades pop out.

I've experimented with a few ways to make it work but before I nail down the final design I would like to get some accurate dimensions.

I know that casts of the original prop were sold here a while ago, could someone please post a few dimensions (diamter and thickness of main disc and some detail on blades etc) It would help immensely.

- Thanks

This is the image I've been working off thus far (assumed bullet to be 9mm)

Yeah, I saw them for sale but I can't justify buying one just so I can measure it. Not until after Christmas anyway, and I'd like to finish my design up before then.

Edit: Just realised the first run of those casts hasn't even shipped yet, maybe if I bump this in a few weeks someone will be kind enough to measure one for me.
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Right, now that my last project is finished I'm re asking the question, can anyone who owns a replica quickly measure diameter and thickness for me?

I'm really confident that my mechanism will work so it's just getting the dimensions perfect before I draw the final design and send it off for printing.

Any help or other tips / info are greatly appreciated.
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