Underworld Rise of the Lycans Sonja costume?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by slave1pilot, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. slave1pilot

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    mrs.slave1pilot simply loves the underworld series and has requested a costume.
    This is a huge deal as mrs.slave1pilot does not play dress up.
    so, i need your collective help in making this for her.
    for those that are unaware, this is Sonja and the costume she wants.

    The left side is the first half that i will be doing. The armor goes over that and will be completed later.

    Unfortunately, i don't have any recent pics of mrs.slave1pilot, but...
    She has lost 45 lbs and really wants to have a costume to show it off.:thumbsup
    I need assistance with everything on this costume.
    please LMK if you can assist me.
  2. Pete SSS

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    I seem to remember seeing a behind the scenes bit saying that they used the same chain mail weave that is used for Butchers gloves for her shirt. It's so fine that it is really flexible.


    They also make chain mail aprons for butchers, which may give you large enough pieces that you can fix together?
  3. Kommissar

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    as a warning though, butchers mail is usually exceedingly expensive
  4. Leander

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    Chainmail is a fun project I've done myself a couple of years ago..

    This perticular piece looks like a 6 in 1 european weave of chainmaille..
    there are various options for making chain-like armor and I'll share my experiances

    I've seen some maille made of woven/knotted wool (some movies) but the results are moslty not very chainlike.. but it's very light weighted..

    another option are plastic rings (LOTR-style) there should be something about this in the extra discs of the special edition of the fellowship. These are glued together. this is something I have tried myself with a old gardenhose, a blender and lots of superglue.
    It's a light vest but the looks are good depending on the size of the rings and the paintjob (which i needed to redo when I've worn my chestpiece a couple of times)

    3th results are steel rings (my vest became over 40 pounds) I've had the looks and the experience of a real vest with this one. if you want this I suggest only make the showable parts and attach this to a shirt.
    for example: if only the sleeves are shown you could make sleeves and attach this to a tshirt.

    4th and best in my opinion are aluminum rings.
    this will give you a light vest with the looks and feel of a real one without it being so heavy.
    or aluminum rings.

    I hope you can do somethins with this info if there is anything you need to know let me know :)
  5. Leander

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    this butcher mail seem to have smaller rings and a 4 in 1 pattern. Sonja's seem a tad bigger with a 6 in 1 pattern.

    both Sonja's and the Butchers patterns should be tilted 90 degrees :p but that's not relevant.
  6. slave1pilot

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    Thanks guys.
    i do appreciate the help.
    I'm not sure which maille route I will go.
    i am an accuracy nut, and quality must be top-notch for me.
    however, pricing is always a factor.
  7. Icknaybob

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  8. abaddon1974

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    I think I would be tempted to go with moulded leather for the armour.
    The way that fits you would struggle to move if it was anything without flex.

    I would love to the male deathdealer from the movie, but would need to drop 30 pounds or so before I could carry it off.

  9. slave1pilot

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    I finally got a recent picture of mrs.slave1pilot . (she's down 50 lbs now)
    This was taken last weekend just before a Motley Crue concert in Vegas.
    sorry about the pic- stupid camera phone.

    I think she is well suited for this costume.
    However, she is a little top-heavy. That may post a problem costume-wise.
  10. slave1pilot

    slave1pilot Sr Member

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    The hero costume is up for auction today and I am too broke to buy it.
    what a shame.

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