UnderWorld 4 The GUNS


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Ok.. I'd like to know what they will be using in this chapter of Vampire Vs Werewolf Shootin Gallery 4....So.. Anyone know..


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Greetings members

I haven't posted in a while so I figured I would jump in and say hello. I built some of the hero guns for Kate and Antigen security. A close friend of mine was also working on the show and I helped him build some of his hero weapon... Kate's word and knuckle buster.

For the Anitgen guns we used Grand Power K102s, 105s, and the semi auto version.... GP6. The GP6 is exactly the same as the full autos and I used that to design and build the cosmetic shells which wrap around a great deal of the weapon.

Hope the ID on the Antigen gun helped. I don't need to tell you what her other guns are.... that's pretty evident once you see the film. lol
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