Uncharted: Golden Abyss Backpack

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Some pictures and screen caps from the trailer of Nathan's backpack he uses in Golden Abyss now out in Japan on the PSVITA.

I lightened up the images to see detail, the pack is darker in game.


With the leather bottom I'd say it's a Jansport but haven't found anything doing a google search, still looking.

Note he also has a new style holster rig.
Found one that looks similar. It's not EXACT (buckles are wrong, and there isn't one big strap in the center of the back of the pack), but it looks pretty damn good to me!


Amazon.com: Khaki Trek Backpack Washed Cotton Canvas: Sports & Outdoors

The holster looks like a molded leather holster for a 1911, whereas previous holsters were just universal "cups" attached to the holster. In other images, you can see that the back of the holster even has the SCE Bend Studios letters on it, in a nod to the NDI Nate usually has on his holster that represents Naughty Dog Inc.
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