Uncharted Drakes Fortune Kriegsmarine map UK2642

Yes I did.
I would also appreciate it if you'd stop reposting it since it was only given to 2 people.
I don't want people making money off my work, especially now that this part of the forum can be seen by everyone.

There are things missing and wrong with it that I discovered with the PS4 version.
I'm am revising it but won't be posting it.
Sorry, it just helped me out and i'm sure it will help others as well. I can take it down if you would like?
Yes, I would like it removed.
Thank You.

For the OP use the screen cap function on the PS4 (if you have that version)
There are also walk through's on youtube that give more information if you go through frame by frame.
You will still have to make up part of the left side and bottom right.
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